Install Your EQ2Emu Server


Windows Installer

Windows: Download Installer linked above 'Windows Installer'.

Linux: Can try the Alpha Linux Install Script or requires manual compilation. Compile instructions can be found on our Wiki Page

1. Install in a directory other than Program Files as you may encounter permission issues.

2. Run the EQ2Emu Icon on your desktop created by the Installer.

3. Follow Instructions Steps 1-4 for the Play on Test Server, After follow Step 4 below setting up eq2_default.ini

4. Modify the top line of eq2_default.ini in your EverQuest 2 directory: cl_ls_address

5. Run EverQuest2.exe in your EverQuest 2 directory, be patient as client can take a while to load.

6. Login with a username / password of your choice.